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Featured Member: Michael Wilson

Featured Member: December 2015

Regarded as a gaming industry veteran, Michael Wilson has been making games for many years. During the middle of his career, he spent a few years working at advertising agencies. This although didn’t keep him away from video games for long. Shortly after joining up with Drake Cooper, where he works as their Chief Inventor part-time, he started Ponywolf as a joint venture.

Michael has participated in many different game jams where he has won silver in the Ludum Dare for his game Dead Weight. This mobile game is a platformer where the main characters are connected by a chain. You play the game by having to flip the phone or tablet to progress through the game. Another game jam submission, “1-800-monsters” is a puzzle game in which you use connected destruction to complete levels. Most recently Michael made a game for the Indie Speed Run 2015 called Wasteland Golf where the game is a finalist. This game is interesting take on mini golf. You have to play while try to avoid dangerous obstacles which can hurt your golfer.

Most recently, Ponywolf finished an amazing mobile triple-A called NBA Escape. Effectively ‘trick shot’ the game, NBA Escape is a game that shares the similar game mechanics to Anger Birds. Heavily physics based, most of the game-play in the levels was created by Michael and Ponywolf.

Michael prefers to make his games using several programs. Love 2D framework a open source game engine and creates game levels using Tiled: Map Editor using a custom made software to connect Tiled to Love 2D.