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Featured Member: Ryan Zehm

Featured Member for November 2015: Ryan Zehm

Ryan has taken it upon himself to focus on driving Virtual Reality forward through mobile gaming. He is strong supporter of Unity and Virtual Reality hardware like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Boise based IonVR. The games he creates are programmed completely on his own and in relatively short period of time. Which is very impressive when you see the quality of the end result. Everything he knows is self taught. He spent months starting out with nothing but a stack of library books about programming and a public computer located in the same Boise Library. It was from there he created and then released his first mobile game.

Latest Accomplishments:

Ryan recently won 2nd place is the IMVU’s “Hack with Me” Virtual Reality (‘VR’) Game Jam for his “VR Rooms” app. Although not a traditional game, this app shows that mobile VR can be used to appeal to a much larger audience which will increase early adoption. This app will also opens up virtual markets where developers and artists can sell custom skins for avatars and VR chat-room environments.

In August 2015, Ryan also won 1st place in the “Global Archiact Jam” with his VR game “Antilucid.” This game explores the idea of a Virtual Reality game within a Virtual Reality game. This game further pushes the limits of virtual reality technology on a mobile platform.

Helping the Industry:

Ryan runs a YouTube channel with tutorials and game development related videos with his game studio’s channel NuRFACE GAMES. Ryan also runs another YouTube channel where he plays other indie game jam submissions after the indie game jams he participates in. He spends this time not only playing them but also reviewing them and giving helpful feedback.

Ryan is known to quickly responds to questions on our Facebook group and at every Meetup event he attends. I look forward to see what other things he will accomplish in the future.